Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Green

Random green thoughts for today . . .

If you don't take enough canvas bags to the grocery store, ask for paper for the rest of the groceries . . . at least you can use the paper bags to put newspapers in for recycling, or to
make bookcovers (I did that in highschool).

Another use for junk mail envelopes is grocery coupon storage.

Buying local is green, because of less fossil fuel used to get the product to the store, and of course the first thing I think of is fruit and vegetables at farmers' markets, but sometimes it is possible to buy local products at the grocery store . . . where I live I can buy relish and pickles and canned beans produced in the area.

Canning local produce from the farmers' market is green and so is canning stuff from your garden. But probably not a lot of people know how to can (I've just canned twice--grape jelly and pear preserves) and how much are you going to buy to can enough stuff to last a while? But we could learn how to can, and figure out how much buying enough to can would save us on veg and fruit bought at the store. Though how many of us keep a garden? Not everybody has space. Of course, there are community gardens in some cities, and much of the food is donated to food shelters and that is really good.

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